8.4. Day tuberculosis inpatient facility (DTIF)


With the purposes of improvement of medical aid for tuberculosis patients, since 1993 at tuberculosis dispensary day tubercular inpatient facilities are organized. The tubercular day time facilities with the purposes of epidemiological regime maintenance, organized in the separate part case or in the isolated wing of main inpatient building. The patients do not demand medical supervision in evening and night time could admit in the DTI if they full fill the following criteria:

  1. Clinical indications:
    • The first time patients are revealed with limited tuberculosis forms and sputum negative;
    • The patients after an effective course of chemotherapy, as a result of which there has come the termination of MBT allocation or patient become abacterial.
  2. The epidemiological indications: the combination of presence of the following conditions is necessary:
    • good housing conditions allocated to group No 3 definitions of tubercular infectious residence.
    • The patient residing near the day tuberculosis facility (absence of negative influence on health for trip from houses and back);
    • Formations of the patient firm motivation for treatment, and the adhesive measures of personal and public epidemiology for safety.

The administrative direction of the patient during day time tuberculosis facility is decided individually in each concrete case.

Tasks day time tubercular clinic:

  1. Realization controllable chemotherapy .By the patient by a tuberculosis continuing .The basic rate of treatment;
  2. Control diagnostic Inspection;
  3. Realization anti-recidivating and preventive treatment.

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