3.9.6 Caeous pneumonia


On a chest x-ray caseous pneumonia is represented by damage of all or part of the lung. At the beginning of caseous pneumonia development condensation homogeneous, but in progressing of disease more intensive focuses and sites of an enlightenment appear. On a chest x-ray the cavities of disintegration are usually badly contrasted, but cavities are well visible on x-ray tomograms and on computer tomograms. Directly after occurrence, cavities have irregular form, indistinct borders. Later on, as far as caseosis discharge the cavity gets characteristic rontgenologic features of a cavity with the formed wall.

On tomograms lumens of gradually enlarged bronchi are well defined on a background of the condensed bronchi (air bonchography). The damaged lung lobe is diminished in result aie loss. In near by segments the shadows of the focuses of lymphagenic and bronchogenic dissemination are found out.

At lobular caseous pneumonia the focus shadows with the size of 1,0-1.5 cm are distributed almost symmetrically in both lung fields. Shadows have irregular form, of higher than average intensity, with indistinct, irregular outlines. The focuses are merged in some places, but do not form large lobar condensations. Lung tissue between caseous focuses is emphysematous.

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