3.9.5 Infiltrative-pneumonic lung tuberculosis


On chest x-ray most often focuses infiltrative are defined in the upper lung lobes of various size: from 1,5 cm in a diameter up to defeat of the whole segment of lobe. Intensity of focuses is various. Frequently they are bordered by an indistinct, dim contour, having wrong form, not homogeneous structure.

According to localization of extent of process infiltrative-pneumonic lung tuberculosis is divided into the following forms: limited and oval with near lung root localization, cloudy infiltrations, periscissuritis, lobitis.

The contours of infiltration are precise at tubercular damage of a segment or lobe. Focuses of various size, architectural distortion of the lung tissue, inflammation “path” to a root are defined in contiguous areas of lungs.

An infiltrative-pneumonic lung tuberculosis is complicated by disintegrations with formation of a cavity. The cavity is found out as an enlightenment in infiltration, having oval or irregular form, with precise internal contour.

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