3.11 Concept about the in time or late revealed tuberculosis


The early and well time revealing of the tuberculosis patients is a necessary condition for fast and successive treatment. The revealing of tuberculosis in initial stages of development serves as the a factor of the prevention of its spreading, having decisive importance for tubercular infection preventive measures. The treatment of the patients with late revealed, far advanced lung tuberculosis represents the large difficulties; besides these patients represent epidemic danger.

Early, well time revealed forms of tuberculosis consider:

  1. the early period of primary tubercular infection (primary MBT infection – period of conversion of tuberculin reaction;
  2. tubercular intoxication);
  3. not complicated primary tuberculosis of breath organs;
  4. disseminated, focus, infiltrative tuberculosis in phases infiltration and dissemination without MBT in sputum, exudative and dry pleurisies.

To the late revealed far advanced tuberculosis are referred:

  1. cavernous, fibrous-cavernous tuberculosis;
  2. disseminated, focus and infiltrative tuberculosis in a phase of disintegration and with MBT in sputum;
  3. acute milliary tuberculosis, tuberculoma in a phase of disintegration, caseous pneumonia, cyrrotic tuberculosis, complicated primary tuberculosis, silicotuberculosis.

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